Key Things You Should Know About Information & Review Websites on Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the most fascinating states in the world. It contains plenty of unique sites and places that are sure to excite tourists from all over the world.  It is no wonder that the country is recognized as one of the 10 must visit places in the Asian continent.  This piece is meant to equip readers will all the necessary information & review website on the best places to have fun in this beautiful country.


General Information About the State

This country is located on the south east of the Asian continent. It lies between the Malay Peninsula and the famous island of Borneo.  It is composed of thirteen states in total each with its own capital. The major tourist attractions in the region include the beaches, the dense rain forests and canopies as well as the unique landscape. There is also good mix of cultural practices with a blend of Malay, Chinese and some European influence. If you want to find out more information about Malaysia such as its origin and you can do so from their national website. Know the best place in Malacca here!


The City of Malacca

Kek lok si temple Penang is one of the largest cities in the state and it lies in the south western region of the country. Being a coastal city, it does attract a lot of visitors due to it peculiar beaches and coastal amenities. It also contains many historical sites where tourists can go and learn more about the origins of the city and its culture. Examples of iconic places to visit in Malacca include the unique Chinese center shops that display the Chinese artifacts and cuisines along the Jonker street, the ancient temples of the Chinese as well as the amazing coastal hotels and restaurants.


Other Attraction Sites to Visit

The lists of places within the state are too many to put down on one list. It would be best if you have to do list of paces that interest you most and consider getting a Malaysian guide to show you around the expansive countryside. The kek lo si temple is a famous site that was associated with the ancient Buddhist people. It can be found in the Penang area, close to the sea shore. Here, you get to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries as well as the pilgrimage site. The complex built in the nineteenth century is truly a sight to behold.

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